Easy Download Sales Order,Business,Catalog,Purchase,Inventory APK

Easy Download Sales OrderBusinessCatalogPurchaseInventory APK

Download Sales Order,Business,Catalog,Purchase,Inventory APK

Sales Assist is one of the most versatile Sales order and Product Catalog solution.Is a useful Business app.Also orders can be exported to Webportal for team to process.

Your data is secure as its in the app or on your google drive.
App can be used online and offline.

Business Features :
1. Sales Order
2. Purchase Order
3. Inventory
4. Product Catalog
5. Accounts( coming soon )
6. Reports
7. Customer Management
8. Commission management
9. Vendor Management
10. Shipping
11. Import export to get started in 15 minutes
12. export order to backend portal.

Unique and Powerful Business features :
1. Advance Product Catalog with multiple product images.
2. Product attributes with configuration for hide and display.
3. Customer Attributes
4. Supports Tax systems : GST and other
5. Very Versatile sales order system and easy order sharing solution.

Sales order Features :
1. Product wise multiple Taxes.
2. Order level taxes.
3. Sales interface related to inventory.
4. Customer group based pricing.
5. Tier Pricing
6. Add order total rows like Shipping,Tax,Packing.
7. Sales order series
8. Submit images against orders.
9. Import and export to Google sheet and Drive.
10. Order date and Delivery date
11. Record order as delivered.
12. Sales Order to Purchase Order
13. Export to CSV, PDF and excel.
14. Product rates can be predefined
15. Barcode and QRcode support for smart and quick work.
16. As Draft.
17. Order Print ( 2,3 inch )
18. Customer Tax details
19. Order level discount
20. Product attributes( Very Powerful for Catalogue )
21. View Cart
22. Order attribute
23. Easy to add signature and company logo in Order.
24. Most powerful Product catalogue system with guest mode.
25. Easy to select customer and view details while creating an order.
26. Total sales and purchase report for Day, Week, Month and year.
27. Inventory mapped to orders.
28. Create Goods inward list for your purchase order to keep track of inventory.
29. Create Delivery memo of your sales order to keep track of inventory.

Additional sales order features planned for future release:
30.Product Level Discount.
31. Product options
32. Add to cart from product detail page
33. Sales lead management
34. configurable Product detail page

Sales team Feature :
Import Product and customer by csv.
Export order to google sheet

Product Catalogue Features :
1. Multiple image per product.
2. Configurable display attributes.
3. Guest mode
4. Easy Navigation.
5. Category and Product Image Gallery
6. Guest mode

Other features:
Advance Product Catalogue
Purchase Order
Delivery Memo
Goods inward
Inventory details
Payment Followup( Payment reminder )
Beat Plan

Inventory management:
Inventory Movement
Low stock report
Stock movement
Product Stock in and Stock out
Minimum stock Quantity
Inventory import export

Bulk data entry activities:
Import Products
import Customer and attributes
Export Products
Export Orders
Google sheet for import and Export for team work.

Purchase Order Management:
Purchase order PDF
Purchase order to inventory
Purchase order with rate

Beat Planner features :
beat Zone and locality list
beat details
sales route planner

Customer Management:
Import and export customers in CSV
Customer additional attributes( Unique and Powerful )

Product features:
Product catalogue with Guest mode.
Import and Export products with CSV
Product attributes ( powerful feature for a comprehensive product page )
Multiple images.
Multiple attributes

Supports languages:
More Languages…

Useful as :
Pocket Accounts
Order Book
Point of Sales ( POS )
Trade show
Product Catalogue

We release a Major version each month

Customer support :
email us at [email protected]
or skype osc_support
We respond to each email in Max two working days.
Detailed FAQ, web page and Video Tutorials.
Daily Sales Report
Multiple Product Image Share
Import/Export Images through drive
Import/Export Images through mobile
Catalog Improvement
Firm details improvement
Export order sheet improvement
Show Units in order details.
Show Customer name with identifier.
Minor Language issue & Bug fixes.

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