Easy Download Deposco Bright Warehouse APK

Easy Download Deposco Bright Warehouse APK

Download Deposco Bright Warehouse APK

The official Bright Warehouse for Android app by Deposco provides access to the industry leading warehouse management software that integrates with the entire Deposco Bright Suite via mobile application on Android device. Businesses can now streamline warehouse operations leveraging the latest mobile devices.

Deposco provides various number of clients including rugged .NET based application, WebApp, iOS, and now Android.

The Bright Warehouse for Android app has several enhancements to a browser based app, including:

1.Vibrate/Alert sound on user errors for smarter processing
2. Item capture using built-in camera for quality control, validation or process enhancement
3. Capture customer or managers signature or approvals on demand
4. Voice capture, dictation, text-to-type and text-to-speech enablement for improved hands-free mobility in the warehouse

This latest innovation from Deposco ensures that your business benefits from a lower cost hardware solution that offers improved performance, faster processing, extended network range leveraging LTE and backups using wireless and wi-fi.

This solution integrates with the Bright Suite applications including Bright Source, Bright Order, Bright Store, Bright Performance, and Bright Socket for a complete Omni-channel fulfillment and returns solution ideal for retailers, manufacturers or 3PLs alike.

The Deposco Android Mobile app requires Internet connectivity. It is designed for use by Deposco customers and requires authorized Deposco credentials. If you want to learn more about Deposco, visit www.deposco.com
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>>>Download Deposco Bright Warehouse APK<<<

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>>Download Deposco Bright Warehouse APK<<<

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