Download Terrarium Go Locker APK

Download Terrarium Go Locker APK

Download Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 APK

*WARNING: Jelly Bean users If the theme does not work after purchase then please email us for the work around, Jelly Bean users are affected by this due to Google encryption on 3rd party apps. Go Locker required.

The Terrarium lock screen theme made for the serious herbalists and Terrarium enthusiasts. Built from the ground up from drawing board to a true HD Terrarium to ensure it feels real!


– Fully immersive & interactive Terrarium!

– 3D zoom to unlock when moving the magnifying glasses

Keep in mind purchasing this Lock screen will help us make free lock screens in the future!

HOW TO set the Theme from Go Locker:

Launch Go Locker/ Press installed in top right/Press apply on Terrarium Theme – DONE!, ENJOY!

>>>Download Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 APK<<<

Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 screenshots 1Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 screenshots 2Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 screenshots 3Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 screenshots 4Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 screenshots 5Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 screenshots 6

>>>Download Terrarium Go Locker 1.0.0 APK<<<