Download InstaTV APK

Download InstaTV APK

Download InstaTV 2015070101 APK

Stream live TV from HDHomeRun to Android Tablet/Phone/TV devices

– Supports all HDHomeRun models, including legacy models (HDHR3-US, HDHR2-US, HDHR3-EU)
– Supports TV Guide on selected countries with HDHomeRun DLNA models (Connect, Extend, and DVB-T2)
– Full Hardware MPEG2 & H264 decoder on Android Media Player based on RockChip/AMLogic/AllWinner SOCs
– Full Hardware MPEG2 & H264 decoder on Kindle FireTV Box
– Full Hardware H264 decoding for most Android devices when a HDHomeRun Extended is used
– High performance software decoder for devices without Hardware decoder. HD SW decoding requires Nvidia Tegra 4+/Qualcomm Snapdragon 600+/Intel Atom 3xxx+
– Channel grid as an overlay for fast and easier channel surfing.
– Full Gesture/Keyboard/Remote Control/Gamepad navigation support.
– Automatically sync favorite channels from HDHomeRun device

Supported HDHomeRun models:

– HDHomeRun 4DC (HDHR3-4DC)

– Use “Type A” decoder to enable MPEG2 & H.264 Hardware decoding for most Android Media Box/Stick devices using RockChip/AMLogic/AllWinner SOCs. No HDHomeRun Extended required.
– Not all video/audio codecs are supported and In-App Purchase may be required.
– HD video Software Decoding requires Nvidia Tegra 4+/Qualcomm Snapdragon 600+/Intel Atom 3xxx+/Rockchip RK3288+
– HD video may also require a WIFI AC or WIFI N running on 5Ghz. A wired network is recommended.
– Only SD video is supported on slower devices with WiFi G Wireless.
– Tegra2 devices are not supported (Moto Xoom, Asus Transformer 1, etc)

Please visit for more information
Release 20150701:

– New: App renamed to just “InstaTV”
– New: TV Guide support with HDHR3-CC, HDHR4-*, HDTC-*.
– New: Channel grid shows current program image, title, and progress (as a pie chart)
– New: Improved overlay to show program details
– New: Android TV Live Channel with guide support (Nexus Player, ADT-1, Nvidia Shield TV, and Forge TV)
– New: Automaticaly show guide overlay to notify the start of next program

See website for details.

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>>>Download InstaTV 2015070101 APK<<<