Download Grandcross music API pro APK

Download Grandcross music API pro APK

Download Grandcross music API pro APK

新譜Love を筆頭に、GrandcrossのHi-Res音源(192KHz,24bit,wav)を惜しげもなく 、100曲以上、聞き放題アプリ。フルバージョンでお聞きになりたい方向け。無制限。非圧縮形式はwav.FLACにこそ劣るが、原音そのままお楽しみただけ増す。Grandcrossのアーティストとしての一面と、APIデザイナーとして、また、ミキシング技術も見どころ聴きどころ。すべて彼の手によって生み出された、唯一無二の作品。

musician Grandcross official 、ミュージックアプリ。iTunes storeや、Apple Musicで音楽配信中のGrandcrossの試聴用アプリケーション。
 より多くの人が、Grandcrossを認知してもらうための、彼が自作した、アプリケーション。iTunes 正規 aggregator TuneCore Japan を通して、楽曲配信中。
Amazon music, line music,AWA,google play music,Spotify,mora,e-onkyo,oricon music,dヒッツ,レコチョク,Rakuten music,OTOTOYで配信中。
[musician] Grandcross official が放つ。ミュージックとミュージックビデオ、日記、小論文のページ、ミュージックやコンテンツがリミットバージョンで聴き放題。

3.ストリーミング、new album Love , playlist, Destiny, Melody of love, Love ballad, You, opportunity, たとえ何があっても、Love Metal、を試聴用にスクリプトで、繋げられ、コントロールは、ヘッダーの||(pause)、 Replay|>> button(文字式=文字と曲名タップで、ロードイベント、タッチイベント開始、一時停止)で制御。曲名をタップすると開始。曲を飛ばすことも可能



Led by new album Love, Hi-Res sound source of Grandcross (192KHz, 24bit, wav) and without regret, more than 100 songs, listen to unlimited application. For those who want to hear the full version. Unlimited. Non-compression format is inferior what to wav.FLAC, increase only the direct sound and enjoy it. And one side of as Grandcross of the artist, as an API designer, also, mixing technology also listen attractions far from. All were created by his hand, the one and only work.

musician Grandcross official, Music app. iTunes store and, Grandcross audition for applications in music distribution in the Apple Music.
More people, to ask them to recognize the Grandcross, he was self-made, application. Through the iTunes regular aggregator TuneCore Japan, in music distribution.
ISRC holders, the other,
Amazon music, line music, AWA, google play music, Spotify, mora, e-onkyo, oricon music, d Hits, Rekochoku, Rakuten music, being delivered in OTOTOY.
[Musician] Grandcross official is shoot. Music and music videos, all-you-can listen diary, page essay, music and content in the limit version.

1. Topppeji. Details (page 2) and the banner to the link page.
2. Click on the link page
3. streaming, new album Love, playlist, Destiny, Melody of love, Love ballad, You, opportunity, even matter what, in the script Love Metal, the for the audition, are linked, control, header || (pause), Replay | (in the character expression = character and Song Title tap, load event, the start of a touch event, pause) >> button control. Start to tap the song title. Also possible to skip a song
4. music video page, starts when you tap the left side of the song title. Lyrics linked, can be operated in the control part of the header
5. diary. Opening a large heading and jump from ,, the top of the page of the link opens a section to each item.
6. Bible chronology.
7. essay collection

So as not to take the photographs and hold, when you tap on, the image disappears.
When the diary essay page to tap the heading character, opened or closed. In addition, it surrounded at the top of the dot, a link, jump to the link of the heading. Specifications come heading at the top.

Chemistry, cytology, music, society, handicraft, are interested in, the essence of Grandcross can taste carefully. , A chance to catch a glimpse of his one side is not the only music.

This is, for fan acquisition by Grandcross person, is app strategy.
To use data communication, Wi-Fi environment is recommended.

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>>>Download Grandcross music API pro APK<<<