Easy Download Fireplace Sound APK

Easy Download Fireplace Sound APK

Download Fireplace Sound 1.6 APK

This is a very simple relaxing fireplace sound application

Do you want to feel relax? Some soothing sound to help you fall asleep maybe? Well we have just the right sound for those purposes, the fireplace sound!

With this fireplace sound, you can:
– Feel more relax
– Have more concentration by hearing the fireplace sound with the help of headset
– Any other applications you can think of using the sound

I hope you enjoy using the fireplace sound application!
Update details and fix bug in the app

>>>Download Fireplace Sound 1.6 APK<<<

Fireplace Sound 1.6 screenshots 1Fireplace Sound 1.6 screenshots 2Fireplace Sound 1.6 screenshots 3

>>Download Fireplace Sound 1.6 APK<<<

Easy Download Music Player for Samsung : Free Music Plus APK

Easy Download Music Player for Samsung Free Music Plus APK

Download Music Player for Samsung : Free Music Plus 3.4 APK

Music Player for Samsung is one of the best application add the Samsung music player style to the edge of your screen. Now, it’s available for Samsung galaxy J7.

Galaxy S6, S7 edge, S8 edge , all other Samsung and all other Android devices. Beside the original music player galaxy J7, j7 music player is the best music player to replace.

Samsung galaxy S9 Plus music player with the perfect equalizer, and easy to support all music & audio file formats, it’s the best default local music player for your Android device.

Music Player for Samsung light mode, you can simply swipe the edge of your screen and enjoy your favorite music. And you can open full interface like Music easily.

Music Player for Samsung edge will provide an edge icon, On swiping the icon, the edge player will appear from the edge of your screen.

Music player for S8 and Samsung galaxy S9 Plus music player are optimized for Android devices and provides a powerful music play and best user interface like the Music Player S8 Edge.

Music Player style S8 Edge with the perfect equalizer to support all music, audio file formats. Music Player For Samsung S8 Edge and Samsung galaxy S9 Plus music player are a great app to bring music player to your phone.

The edge icon will be present on the edge of the screen in all time periods, you can summon the edge music player whenever you want.

Free Music Player for S8 Edge and Samsung galaxy S9 Plus music player : Music style Samsung Galaxy provides for you best music style Sámsung . And it’s FREE FOR YOU.

Music player for Galaxy S9 samsung is a powerful audio player and perfect mp3 player for Android!
Music for Samsung S9 edge can guide you easily to find out all the music in your phone. And manage your music easily for samsung music.

Powerful Music style Samsung: This music s8 edge supports almost all types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audio formats . Easily browse and play music songs by genres , albums , artists , songs and folder.

Galaxy S8 Music Player: Bring the music player to your phone. Powerful, beautiful, with in galaxy s8 edge.

Key Features of Music Player for Samsung:

– Beautiful user interface, easy to use.
– Mp3 player, songs player, audio player, etc. Play all your audio!
– Support to play all music file formats: MP3, MP4, WAV, MO3, M4A, etc.
– This is a simple but powerful music player, good sound balance.
– Full set of advanced features: music playlists, favorites, favorite songs, etc.
– Find music files, audio files on your phone quickly.
– Browse and play music by song, album, artist, playlist.
– Customize the music styles for your choices like: casual, classical, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, heavy, folk, etc.
– Shuffle your playlists
– Easy navigation, light touch to move in your mp3 player
– Enjoy amazing sound quality.
– Improve quality listen to music
– FLAC is an audio coding format similar to MP3 & AAC, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality.
– Support lyrics, search lyrics
– Support message status: show album art, play / pause, skip forward in notification status.
– Replaceable background skin, 22+ Gorgeous background skins for your choice. You also can set your gallery photo as background.
– The best music player for mobile phones, tablets, or computers
– Headset/Bluetooth Controls
– Cut the mp3 files stored on the phone, made a unique ringtone, alarm sound or notification sound.
– Easily find samsung music and sound files stored in your phone, cut music, mp3 editor and audio editor
– Preview the ringtone files you want to crop
– Cut music, audio files, you can type the value of the start time and end (in seconds) to cut the music that you want to correct.
– Audio editor is very easy to use, users have three options: trim (remove left, right), remove middle and add a copy.

>>>Download Music Player for Samsung : Free Music Plus 3.4 APK<<<

Music Player for Samsung : Free Music Plus 3.4 screenshots 1Music Player for Samsung : Free Music Plus 3.4 screenshots 2Music Player for Samsung : Free Music Plus 3.4 screenshots 3

>>Download Music Player for Samsung : Free Music Plus 3.4 APK<<<

Easy Download Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 APK

Easy Download Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 APK

Download Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 2.5 APK

menghilangkan stres lelah setelah jam kerja, belajar lelah gudang lagu mp3 aplikasi.
gudang lagu mp3 musik genre seperti pop, Anak, Dangdut, rap, … dan banyak lagi.
Kini aplikasi download musik online gratis di ponsel Anda!
Semoga Anda memiliki saat-saat menyenangkan musik!
stress relieving tired after hours of work, learning tired shed mp3 application.
shed mp3 music genres like pop, Son, Dangdut, rap, … and much more.
Now the application download free online music on your mobile!
May you have moments of fun music!

update music terbaru

>>>Download Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 2.5 APK<<<

Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 2.5 screenshots 1Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 2.5 screenshots 2Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 2.5 screenshots 3

>>Download Gudang Lagu Mp3 2018 2.5 APK<<<

Easy Download Real Guitar – Guitar Playing Made Easy. APK

Easy Download Real Guitar – Guitar Playing Made Easy. APK

Download Real Guitar – Guitar Playing Made Easy. 6.6 APK

Whether you’re already a dab hand, or an axe rookie but have always wanted to learn, this app will help you live the dream! We bring you REAL GUITAR: the best and most comprehensive guitar app on Google Play.

Playing is simplicity itself! REAL GUITAR is an app that transforms your phone / tablet screen into a lifelike simulation of an acoustic or electric guitar.

A fun, light and user-friendly app. Ideal for anyone who wants to study or play guitar without bugging the neighbours or taking up too much space.

You can play chords and pick solos, as well as jam along to music in real time.

Sounds recorded in studio-quality audio.

The library boasts more than 1500 different chords, allowing you to play along to any track you like.

Check out the Real Guitar specs:
– No latency
– Studio-quality audio
– Range of customised chords
– 3 types of acoustic / electric guitars
– 3 playing modes
– 16 loops to jam along with
– More than 1500 chords
– High-fidelity guitar sounds
– Recording mode
– Export your recordings to MP3
– Works with all screen resolutions – Phones & Tablets (HD images)
– Free app
– Easy to use

The app is free but you can remove the ads by purchasing a licence!

Play, strum, pick and pluck to your heart’s content with the most comprehensive guitar app on Google Play! Perfect for all kinds of guitarists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners.

Touch & Play!

>>>Download Real Guitar – Guitar Playing Made Easy. 6.6 APK<<<

Real Guitar - Guitar Playing Made Easy. 6.6 screenshots 1Real Guitar - Guitar Playing Made Easy. 6.6 screenshots 2Real Guitar - Guitar Playing Made Easy. 6.6 screenshots 3

>>Download Real Guitar – Guitar Playing Made Easy. 6.6 APK<<<

Easy Download Radio Nova Suomi – Nettiradio APK

Easy Download Radio Nova Suomi – Nettiradio APK

Download Radio Nova Suomi – Nettiradio 1.3 APK

Kiitos, että lataat Radio Nova Suomi

Radio Nova retro perjantai on uusi suosikki radiosovelluksesi.

Kuuntele ilmaiseksi Radio Nova Suomi missä olet. 24 tunnin lähettämästä maasta, musiikista, urheilusta, uutisista, uutisista ja mielipiteistä kaikki kädessäsi tämän sovelluksen kanssa.

Sovellus käyttää internetissä yhteydessä olevaa suoratoistoa, joka toistaa Radio Nova Suomi -signaalin 24 arkipäivää, 7 päivää viikossa ympäri vuoden!

Radio Nova retro perjantai ssä löydät lisäksi suosikkiasemasi lisäksi monia eri maita.

Käytettävissä Android-matkapuhelimille ja tablet-laitteille.

Jos olet rakastaja Radio Nova Suomi, uusi mobiilisovellus on täällä nauttia aina kun haluat ja hetken parasta musiikkia.

Vuonna Radio Nova retro perjantai olemme sisällyttäneet ajastimen, kun menet nukkumaan, sovellus on suljettu eikä tuhoa akun käyttöikää.

Sovelluksemme on helppokäyttöinen, vain kahdella kosketusnäytöllä kuuntelet suosikkiradioasi maassa.

Radio Nova retro perjantai on nopea ja yksinkertainen, yhdellä napsautuksella nautit esiohjelmoidusta radioasemasta.

Kaikki Radio Nova Suomi -fanit saavat parhaan musiikin 24 tuntia parhaimmillaan.

EI VIRALLISIA APP: ää, voimme vain helpottaa pääsyä streaming, jonka omistajan oikeudet tarjoaa verkossa.


Lataa ja nauti Radio Nova Suomi!
Thank you for downloading Radio Nova Finnish

Radio Nova retro Friday is the new favorite radiosovelluksesi.

Listen to free Radio Nova Finnish where you are. 24 hours sending country, music, sports, news, news, and opinions of all of your hand with this app.

The application uses the internet connection to the streaming that plays Radio Nova Finnish signal 24 working days, 7 days a week all year round!

Radio Nova retro Friday in addition you will find your favorite stations in addition to many different countries.

Available for Android mobile phones and tablet devices.

If you are a lover Radio Nova Finnish , the new mobile app is here to enjoy whenever you want and for a moment the best music.

In Radio Nova retro Friday we have included a timer when you go to sleep, the app is closed and does not destroy the battery life.

Our applications are easy to use, just two touch screen listening to suosikkiradioasi the country.

Radio Nova retro Friday is fast and simple, with a single click you will enjoy pre-programmed radio station.

All Radio Nova Finnish fans will get the best music 24 hours a day.

NOT OFFICIAL APP System, we can only facilitate access to streaming, which offers online owner’s rights.


Download and enjoy your Radio Nova Finnish !

>>>Download Radio Nova Suomi – Nettiradio 1.3 APK<<<

Radio Nova Suomi - Nettiradio 1.3 screenshots 1Radio Nova Suomi - Nettiradio 1.3 screenshots 2Radio Nova Suomi - Nettiradio 1.3 screenshots 3

>>Download Radio Nova Suomi – Nettiradio 1.3 APK<<<

Easy Download Maestro – Music Composer APK

Easy Download Maestro – Music Composer APK

Download Maestro – Music Composer 1.0.347 APK

Maestro is the next generation of music composition app

Hello Maestro!
We hope this can be the perfect app for the music composers, songwriters, music students and everyone who wish to write music easy.
Compose music quick and easy like a maestro!

Write and Learn Musical Notations
– Notes, Chorded Notes and Layered Notes
– Rests and Multi-Measure Rest
– Measure Bars
– Repeat Signs, Da Capo, Dal Segno, Segno, Coda, Fine and Different Endings
– Staccato, Staccatissimo, Accent, Tenuto, Fermata, Trill, Tremolo, Mordent and more Articulations
– Dot, Double Dot, Beam, Tie, Slur, Triplets, Quintuplets, Grace Note and more
– Accidentals and Quarter Tones
– Dynamics
– Apply Octave Up and Down: 8va, 8vb, 15ma, 15mb, 22va, 22vb
– Apply Transposition
– Change Clef: Treble, Bass, Alto, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Drums and Mono Tone Percussion
– Change Tempo
– Change Time Signature
– Change Key Signature
– Write Lyrics and Chord Texts

Supports Multiple Instruments
– Play your music with 127 MIDI Instruments
– Piano, Organ, Violin, Cello and other Strings, Guitar, Brass, Leed, Pipe, Drums and Percussion
– There are also some fun sound effects such as Bird Tweet, Helicopter, Gun Shot, Seashore, Telephone Ring and more

Unlimited Number of Staffs
– Write Orchestral Music
– Show / Hide staffs to manage multiple staffs or print the parts individually

Unlimited Music Size
– No limit in the number of measures and the length of music

Listen to your Masterpiece
– Play your music instantly
– Set playback section and repeat the parts you want to listen

Export to Image Files and Print your Sheet Music
– Zoom in and out to draw more or fewer notes in one line
– Save as an image file as you see on the screen
– Supports saving as a JPG, PNG and PDF formats
– Supports changing the page orientation

Export to Audio File (MIDI)
– Send your music to friends
– Set your composition as a ringtone

All Features are Free!
– No limitations
– Everything is open and free

Want to become a Popular Maestro? Check out our Concert Hall
– Host your music at the Concert Hall and see if others like it
– The Concert Hall is where you can post your music or listen and see other maestro’s work
– It is another fun way of learning how to write the various musical notations and symbols
– Get some new inspirations!

Supports Tablets and All Size of Device

We value your feedback and suggestions!
– We are very keen to make Maestro better
– You are an artist creating music with Maestro, we are a digital artist creating this Maestro

We will do our best to keep improving Maestro
Thank you

[email protected]
Added playback pause button

Added customisable percussion clef

Added backup file recovery

Polished here and there and fixed minor bugs for some devices


Improved playing drums and percussions on keyboard

More optimisations

>>>Download Maestro – Music Composer 1.0.347 APK<<<

Maestro - Music Composer 1.0.347 screenshots 1Maestro - Music Composer 1.0.347 screenshots 2Maestro - Music Composer 1.0.347 screenshots 3

>>Download Maestro – Music Composer 1.0.347 APK<<<

Easy Download PlayerPro Music Player APK

Easy Download PlayerPro Music Player APK

Download PlayerPro Music Player APK

This app is an advanced music and video player for Android devices.

PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. In addition, there is a choice of several free plugins to complement it: Skins, DSP Pack…

Note: PlayerPro Music Player is a standalone app. You should uninstall the PlayerPro Music Player (Free) version if you have previously installed it.


Browse and play your music in many different ways: by albums, artists, composers, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists.

Browse and play your videos by folders.

• Listen to your music while driving thanks to the built-in Android Auto (integrated into your car system) or standalone (via the Android Auto app).

• Stream your music to your TV or any Chromecast Audio compatible device.

• Liven up your music library with album artwork, artist/composer pictures, and genre illustrations that you can select from a variety of sources: ID3 tags (embedded artwork), SD card folders, Gallery app, and the Internet.

• Change the user interface of the Player by installing one of the many available Skins.

• Customize the layout, choosing between Grid or List views.

View and edit the lyrics embedded in the ID3 tags of your music files.

Single and group Tag editing: title, album, artist, album artist, composer, track, year, genre, lyrics, comment.

Default mixable audio effects: 5 band graphic equalizer with 15 default presets, stereo widening effect, reverb effects (large hall, medium hall, plate, small room, medium room, large room), bass boost effect, volume control.

Free additional professional DSP plugin: High-Res audio (up to 32-bit, 384kHz), 10 band graphic equalizer with 20 default presets, Pre-Amp control, bass boost control, stereo widening control, left-right volume control, optional mono output. Gapless playback. Auto/Manual crossfade. Replay gain. Audio Limiter. Go to Settings > Audio and select “Download DSP pack” option to install the free plugin.

Music stats and smart playlists: Recently added, Top rated, Most played, Recently played, Least played. Build additional custom playlists using the smart playlist editor and the many different criteria it offers: album, artist, genre, title, play/skip count, last played/added, rating, is a podcast, duration, year, file path etc.

Import and export music history and ratings from your favorite desktop music player.

Music folder selection: restrict your music library to a specific folder.

Choice of 2 lock screen widgets with many customization options: unlock slider, sound toggle, skip tracks using volume buttons, swipe gestures, background selection, controls selection, time display, skin selection …

Choice of 5 different home screen widgets (4×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 4×2). All widgets are customizable and skinnable: 6 different skins available, option to display artist picture instead of album artwork, option to display ratings, shuffle/repeat controls etc.

Notification status: display album artwork, title, album and artist, play/pause, skip forward and stop controls in notification status.

• Supports most popular Scrobblers.

Sleep timer with fade out.

Share text notifications, album/artist artwork on your favorite Social Networks.

Headset support. Customize long press and double/triple press actions.

• Library wide search. Voice search and Google Assistant support.

Swipe gestures: swipe album art to skip songs, double tap or long press to pause/resume playback.

Shake it feature: give your phone a shake to play next/previous song (e.g.: shake top to bottom or bottom to top to play next/previous song).

… and many other features to discover!
3 March 2019:
– Full support for Android Oreo and Pie
– New adaptive icon
– Added app shortcuts
– Notification status improvements
– Video player improvements: full screen mode and previous/next buttons
– Better support for system font sizes
– Improved album and artist lookup algorithm
– Added option to automatically restore playlists that have been cleared/deleted during a system update
– Many performance and stability fixes
– Updated translations

>>>Download PlayerPro Music Player APK<<<

PlayerPro Music Player  screenshots 1PlayerPro Music Player  screenshots 2PlayerPro Music Player  screenshots 3

>>Download PlayerPro Music Player APK<<<

Easy Download Indian MX Player APK

Easy Download Indian MX Player APK

Download Indian MX Player 1.6 APK

Indian MX Player
Indian MX Player – Mp3 Player with powerful built-in equalizer will highly improve your sound quality and allow you to enjoy your favorite songs anytime, anywhere without networks. The Music Equalizer enables you to adjust your sound tracks with a 10 band equalizer and enjoy a powerful bass amplifier.
Indian MX Player can quick to search and access your music library directly, show you tracks by artists, albums, genre, playlist and the music folder structure.
Powerful Category Classification
Browses and Play your music by playlists, songs, albums, artists, folders.
Easy to Play Songs
Custom Playlists is convenient to choose your downloaded songs and create or edit your playlists handily.
Support lyric
Automatic scanning all the lyric files, and matching the most appropriate lyrics file for your songs.
Auto-Scan & Importing songs / audios files
Automatic adds all local songs/ music files from your SD card and phone memory.
By using this Indian MX Player, easily browse and play music songs by genres, albums, artists, songs.

Indian MX Player Key Features:
* quickly browse and play your music by artists, albums, songs, playlists, folder
* Five bands Equalizer
* Bass Boost effect
* Virtualizer effect
* Reverberation (Small Room, Medium Room, Large Room, Medium Hall, Large Hall, Plate)
* Media volume control
* Stereo led VU meter
* 3D Surround Sound
* 17 types of pre-set music tone for your choice (Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Latin, Acoustic, Piano, Electronic, Vocal Booster, Deep). Or you can manually adjust the equalizer.
* Turn off and turn on the sound effect
* Music surround left and right
* Notification Status support: display album artwork, title and artist, play/pause, next, previous CONTROLS in notification status.
* Headset Support, Support one button or multiple buttons headsets. Leave your phones in the pocket.
* Shuffle/repeat
* Delete Song from sdcard
* Edit playinglist
Just share it with your friends via facebook,e-mail,SMS…

Indian MX Player Serch Keywors
 Indian MX Player
 Deafault Indian MX Player
 Indian MX Player – Audio Player
 MP3 player
 Dub Indian MX Player + Equalizer
 Indian MX Player &EQ Indian MX Player
 Music – Mp3 Player
 Indian MX Player Audio Player
 PlayerPro Indian MX Player Trial
 Indian MX Player
 Indian Indian MX Player
 Music Volume EQ + Indian MX Player
 Indian MX Player – Equalizer HD
 MX Audio Player- Indian MX Player
 Audi- Free Indian MX Player & Mp3 player
 Indian MX Player & Radio

>>>Download Indian MX Player 1.6 APK<<<

Indian MX Player 1.6 screenshots 1Indian MX Player 1.6 screenshots 2Indian MX Player 1.6 screenshots 3

>>Download Indian MX Player 1.6 APK<<<

Easy Download MX Audio Player Pro – Music Player APK

Easy Download MX Audio Player Pro – Music Player APK

Download MX Audio Player Pro – Music Player 1.7 APK

Music Player”MX Audio Player PRO” for Android device users that have advance features in playing & listening songs.Come forward and get smart and one of best music player for android device is MX audio Player PRO .

Music Player “MX Audio Player PRO-is a powerful music player for android device users, it can play most of the audio files , such as MP3 , WAV , AAC , APE , WV etc.It will be the best way to enjoy your music and your voice recorded files. Makes it easy to discover , play the music you love to listen on your Android device.
It has a beautiful ,fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. MX is music player that have attractive features.

Advance Features:

– Supports many formats of audio files.
– Plays songs from folders and from own library
– Built-in stereo widening effect ,top-bottom slider
– It provides High Quality sounds in playing audio files
– Easy to use and astonishing user interactive interface
– Application controls are on touch gestures for changing songs
– Headset Controls
– User can set songs as ringtone, deleter particular songs from list
– User can create favourite list,can see the history of song list
– Go back or forward in your lists.
– Having player as a default option
– Auto Sleep option available into player
– Scan Option available if audio added from the source we got the audio
– Manage songs option with features to ease privilege into application

Hurry up..!!! Don’t wait just grab it…
Minor bug fixing

>>>Download MX Audio Player Pro – Music Player 1.7 APK<<<

MX Audio Player Pro - Music Player 1.7 screenshots 1MX Audio Player Pro - Music Player 1.7 screenshots 2MX Audio Player Pro - Music Player 1.7 screenshots 3

>>Download MX Audio Player Pro – Music Player 1.7 APK<<<

Easy Download Anime Music APK

Easy Download Anime Music APK

Download Anime Music 2.8 APK

Application to listen to Anime music on your Smartphone, Tablet or any Android device; listen online to the best Anime songs of all times.

Music of Japan
Visual Kei

✔ Listening music online with latest collection of anime music.
✔ Search anything
✔ You can add songs to your favorite playlist to be able to listen later easily.
✔ You can listen to music and do other things one of convenience with background play modes.


Good enjoy!
Fix bug app stuck at load screen

>>>Download Anime Music 2.8 APK<<<

Anime Music 2.8 screenshots 1Anime Music 2.8 screenshots 2Anime Music 2.8 screenshots 3

>>Download Anime Music 2.8 APK<<<