Easy Download Mopar Drag N Brag APK

Easy Download Mopar Drag N Brag APK

Download Mopar Drag N Brag 1.2.5 APK

Experience the thrill of burnouts, test your reaction time and go lightning fast with Mopar® drivers Allen Johnson, Jeg Coughlin Jr. and Matt Hagan.  Don’t just watch the race, strap in and hit the strip yourself and show everybody how it’s done!  Take the wheel and share your time on Facebook and Twitter! 

Experience power, Mopar Power!  Get behind the wheel and feel the thrill, power, and performance of Mopar!  Mopar or No Car!



• PRE-STAGE BURNOUTS. Before each pass drivers are allowed to perform a burnout which cleans and heats your Mopar’s tires for improved traction. Watch the temp bar on the left but be careful, too much throttle will overheat the tires and reduce grip.

• MOPAR POWER!  Get behind the wheel of Allen Johnson’s or Jeg Coughlin Jr.’s Pro Stock Mopar Dodge Avenger! Then grab the throttle in Matt Hagan’s Funny Car Dodge Charger R/T!

• Drag and then BRAG: Once you take the competition by storm, share your results on Twitter and Facebook and encourage your friends to take the challenge!  Bet they can’t beat you!

• 8 Classes of cars including

• Compete on the Leaderboards

• Realistic 3D graphics, car physics and performance.

• Multiple cameras including in-car driver perspective.



• Heat up your tires for better grip but don’t overcook them!

• Go after the 3 yellow lights, don’t wait for green!

• Win 4 rounds in a row for a final elimination victory.

• Prize money increases after each round win.

• Spend winning credits on upgrades and new cars.

• Unlock new Classes for bigger prizes and new opponents.

• Remove ads with in-game credits.

Throttle down and post a top time today. Good luck!

Dodge and Mopar are registered trademarks of Chrysler Group LLC.
-Option to turn off tilt-steering and use on-screen steering buttons instead
-Multiplayer handicap is now also displayed after a race
-Bug fixes

Have feedback or need help? please contact us at [email protected]

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Mopar Drag N Brag 1.2.5 screenshots 1Mopar Drag N Brag 1.2.5 screenshots 2Mopar Drag N Brag 1.2.5 screenshots 3

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Easy Download Digital Soccer APK

Easy Download Digital Soccer APK

Download Digital Soccer 1.6.0 APK

Real soccer kicks, one of the best soccer games 2019. Play digital soccer now.

One of the best soccer games 2019 from the developers of Football Craft. If you got tired from uncontrollable free kick games Digital Soccer 2019 is the game that you are looking for. Digital Soccer 2019 offers you realistic soccer simulation physics and soccer ball kick system. Prepare your soccer player and get ready for the battle with world best soccer teams from 20 major leagues on best of soccer games 2019. Love soccer ? Try our real soccer kicks.

Practice with free kick, random shoots and hit target modes. Challenge with tournament, real-time multiplayer and survival modes. Try best of soccer games 2019. Enjoy best 3d soccer free kick game with stunning graphics.

Download one of the best soccer games 2019 today.


– Full control over the soccer ball
– Real-time Multiplayer games with friends
– Real challenge for world best goal
– Online replay system
– 6 Different game modes
– 183 Unique soccer world cup tournament stages
– Ability to customize and develop your soccer player
– Online leaderboards and 20+ achievements
– Super slow motion effects
– Top of soccer games 2019
– Real soccer kicks and real soccer ball movement.


– More curved goals gets more points.
– Goal gets more points which is near crossbar.
– Goal distance, remaining time and opponent goalkeeper skills adds more points for your goal.


* http://facebook.com/digitaldashgames
* http://twitter.com/digitaldashgame

Digital Soccer 2019 will be updated regularly with your suggestions. Don’t forget to leave a review with your feedback.
V 1.6.0
– Digital Soccer 2019 :
* Bug fixes and other improvements.
* Bonus golds increased.
V 1.3.2
– Digital Soccer 2019 : Skill upgrade prizes balanced.
V 1.2.0
– Digital Soccer 2019 : New game mode custom distance soccer kicks added.
V 1.0.5
– Digital Soccer 2019 : Soccer league tournament difficulty balanced.

>>>Download Digital Soccer 1.6.0 APK<<<

Digital Soccer 1.6.0 screenshots 1Digital Soccer 1.6.0 screenshots 2Digital Soccer 1.6.0 screenshots 3

>>Download Digital Soccer 1.6.0 APK<<<

Easy Download Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game APK

Easy Download Clash of Zombies Heroes Game APK

Download Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 1.0.1 APK

There is only one empire left in the world, which is considered as mankind’s only hope. Here, brave heroes have joined hundreds of wars, all they want is protecting the king and people behind them, also they are writing their own legend with blood and glory. Now, it’s your time to join the battle, form a team of super heroes to save the empire and even the whole world!

“Clash of Zombies” is a popular strategy online battle game, there are thousands of mutant zombies that will destroy your defense, and crowds of enemies who will attack your castle by all means! Now they have become much stronger and crazier than before, the war begins, come and join us to protect your empire, save the world!

√ Event for those legend empire commanders, the battle against the crazy mutant BOSS could be a nightmare;
√ Recruit legend heroes with super power, they can establish immortal exploits for you;
√ Become clan mates with like-minded friends, challenge multiplayer stages and protect empire castle together;
√ Real-time control, command the war at your fingertip, measure yourself with other kings in the arena;
√ Continuous battle and challenge, prove yourself in weekly matches;
√ Complex quest and map system, ensure you have brand new experience all the time.

There are over 50 million Heroes Lords. What are you waiting for? Join the battle: Build your empire and to be the Lastday King today!

If you already love our game… Drop us a nice review:)

Come and join “Clash of Zombies” now, battle against crazy zombies, protect your castle or empire with heroes and players all over the world, write your own legend!
Attention! “Clash of Zombies” is a FREE game, and some game item could also be bought with real currency. If you don’t want to use this function, you could disable “in-app purchase” in setting menu of your device.

Player support service:
Met some problem in game? You can check our Facebook: 
https://www.facebook.com/ZombiesClashII to contact us and ask for help.
also you could contact us with following methods:
Official Youtube: https://youtu.be/03_ZIyIL3t8
Official QQ Group: 376595908
Official WhatsApp:https://chat.whatsapp.com/HvRqFUFA8o6650kZawcCwY
Official Weibo: https://weibo.com/6017892633/manage
Customer Service: [email protected]

Check out other cool games by the creators of Clash of Zombies: Heroes Legend and Clash of Empires!
The pressure from Dr. T’s zombie invasion is growing, we need more technology to against it.
#Hero Artifact
Unlock heroes’ unique Artifacts, make their God Skills more powerful.
#Crystal Inset
Match Crystals based on different heroes, get attributes bonus based.
#New Hero-Straw Hat Kid
Three different forms, the best DPS hero.
#Network Optimization

>>>Download Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 1.0.1 APK<<<

Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 1.0.1 screenshots 1Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 1.0.1 screenshots 2Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 1.0.1 screenshots 3

>>Download Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 1.0.1 APK<<<

Easy Download BEAT MP3 – Rhythm Game APK

Easy Download BEAT MP3 – Rhythm Game APK

Download BEAT MP3 – Rhythm Game 1.5.7 APK

★★★ Next generation auto music analysis rhythm game BEAT MP3! ★★★

Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of music file can be supported.
You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with your OWN music library in your mobile devices
Hit the notes at the correct time to get the highest score then share your score with your friends

Feature of BEAT MP3.

– This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makes perfect beat timing looks like which song writers made it.
– It also has random beat system which makes different kind of game even with the same song.
– You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precision song analysis.
– It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode will make you immersed in this game.
– It adds more exciting system with random bonus event.
– Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per 30 minutes.

Various options.

– 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)
– 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)
– 4 steps mode ( Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)
– Beat sound on/off function
– Random beat on/off function( everytime you’ll se different note even with same song)
– Support four different language(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)

Provides guitar, drum, and music games.

ver 1.1.6
1.Fever button bug fixed

Ver 1.1.5
1. Miss judgment fixed.
Touch a blank area not miss
2. It judges became more details.
3. Changed the color of long note&slide note.

Ver 1.1.0
1. Enlarge the touch area
2. Add buttons FEVER
3. bug correction which terminates the game while running.
We recommend you would better enjoy the game without charging cable, because touch pad was little bit insensible for some kind of models

– You can control the long note(hold note) in the setup.

>>>Download BEAT MP3 – Rhythm Game 1.5.7 APK<<<

BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7 screenshots 1BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7 screenshots 2BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7 screenshots 3

>>Download BEAT MP3 – Rhythm Game 1.5.7 APK<<<

Easy Download Airplane Simulator 2018 APK

Easy Download Airplane Simulator 2018 APK

Download Airplane Simulator 2018 2.6 APK

Airplane Simulator 2018 brings you a realistic flight driving simulator.

Now its time to take off for a realistic flying experience in the open world and land safely to the destination. Start the engine of your airplane and fly over the city and reach the destination carefully. Euro Flight Simulator 2018 make you drive airplane and carefully take off the passenger plane to fly in the sky.

Guide plane towards the runway and park within the marked zone to complete the level. When arriving at the destination zone, slow the planes down and prepare for landing, be careful not to crash!

Make sure to fly through all waypoints in the level and land at your destination airport before the time out. There are multiple airplanes and more than one thrilling missions. You can choose your own choice of planes to fly’s over to make your way up to the top. Every level has a different scenario and realistic environment. Clear the previous mission to unlock more and get a reward and upgrade or buy new jet planes.

The game features massive highly detailed planes with realistic physics. Control your aircraft through endless environments that include cities, mountains, lakes, oceans. Be a pilot in this airplane landing simulation to test your flying and landing skills, to safely board passengers to their destinations.

So get ready to enjoy this free simulation, have nice takeoffs and soft landings on realistic runways. So what are you waiting for? Download for Airplane Simulator 2018 real-time fun of flying the plane.

Game Feature Airplane Simulator 2018 :

– Real life airplanes ready to fly!
– 10 unique missions.
– 15 unique pilots.
– 3D Passengers.
– Stunning 3D graphics.
– Addictive gameplay.

Don’t waste your time, just go to Google play store download to install this Euro Flight Simulator 2018 game free and enjoy it.
Improved game play.
Thank you for the support

>>>Download Airplane Simulator 2018 2.6 APK<<<

Airplane Simulator 2018 2.6 screenshots 1Airplane Simulator 2018 2.6 screenshots 2Airplane Simulator 2018 2.6 screenshots 3

>>Download Airplane Simulator 2018 2.6 APK<<<

Easy Download Fireplace Sound APK

Easy Download Fireplace Sound APK

Download Fireplace Sound 1.6 APK

This is a very simple relaxing fireplace sound application

Do you want to feel relax? Some soothing sound to help you fall asleep maybe? Well we have just the right sound for those purposes, the fireplace sound!

With this fireplace sound, you can:
– Feel more relax
– Have more concentration by hearing the fireplace sound with the help of headset
– Any other applications you can think of using the sound

I hope you enjoy using the fireplace sound application!
Update details and fix bug in the app

>>>Download Fireplace Sound 1.6 APK<<<

Fireplace Sound 1.6 screenshots 1Fireplace Sound 1.6 screenshots 2Fireplace Sound 1.6 screenshots 3

>>Download Fireplace Sound 1.6 APK<<<

Easy Download Montreal Gazette ePaper APK

Easy Download Montreal Gazette ePaper APK

Download Montreal Gazette ePaper APK

Montreal Gazette ePaper is a complete digital replica of the printed edition that includes all the stories, features, photos and artwork just as it is in print.
The easy to use interface lets you flip leisurely through the pages like a newspaper, or conduct searches and share articles with friends like a website.
Whether you are at home, work or on the go you can enjoy your ePaper delivered on your favourite device.
– Customer Service email address updated

>>>Download Montreal Gazette ePaper APK<<<

Montreal Gazette ePaper screenshots 1Montreal Gazette ePaper screenshots 2Montreal Gazette ePaper screenshots 3

>>Download Montreal Gazette ePaper APK<<<

Easy Download Otome Game: Ghost Love Story APK

Easy Download Otome Game Ghost Love Story APK

Download Otome Game: Ghost Love Story 1.6 APK

Have a sweet love journey of laughter and drama in this Japanese shojo visual romance!
Enjoy and Make Your decision in this interactive & FREE dating sim episodes!

===We will recommend you if you……===
* Love the movies, dramas, and romance fictions
* Want to fall in love with a handsome guy
* Want to enjoy a dramatic romance in APP
* Interest in romance game or otome game
* Like the shojo(girls’) comics and animation
* Like the romance drama
* Want to experience the nervousness about love
* Have interests in the mysterious love story and love adventure
* Want to read a story with complex relationship
* Want to read the sweet words which make your heart beating fast
* Can’t resist on Japanese style ikemen and Korea charming oppa

– EXPERIENCE a wonderful love with your ghost boyfriend.
– MAKE a choice on your love adventure journey
– INTERACT with various characters in story
– ENJOY pleasing music and vivid sound effect.
– DECIDE the everyone’s fate in the story.

A life for a life: love never dies.
Five years ago, your best friend passed away in a tragic accident. He was your first love, your greatest regret, and now a haunting memory.
At 22 years old, you have a new job, a new life, and a handsome work partner to boot. You’re finally ready to move on — right?
But by some miracle… Kyle returns as a ghost. Now you’re faced with a choice: do you relive the past, or do you keep moving forward?
Get to know two unique characters in this interactive romance.
You can share the story with your choices and discover a unique ending!
What will you decide?

===Character Profiles===
Kyle: Your best friend & first love but died at 16 in an accident. But suddenly he comes back…for you?
Vincent: Your strict working partner. Could you find the other side under his thick glasses?

===How to Play===
-Open the app.
-START the love adventure.
-NAME your own character! Play as yourself!
-MAKE important choices throughout the story, interact with your dream guy.
-MAKE decision to pick who is your Prince Charming!
-ENJOY attractive story with amazing pictures and characters.
-TELL us what you think, contact us through the game with any comments or questions.

===Support ===
Please be aware that we cannot respond to the APP Store reviews.
If you need help, use the Contact Us button in the APP.
*Welcome & Appreciate the Bug Report & Creative Suggestions for the game if you have*
Sound Effect: http://www.freesound.org/

===About Hanabi Media===
Hanabi Media aims to provide high quality interactive romantic love story for all people who enjoy having a daily dose of romance in their lives! We are the home for visual novel fans, where you can choose your own love journey!
Our Website: www.hanabimedia.net
Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hanabimedialtdvn/
-Little bug fixed for best playing experience!

>>>Download Otome Game: Ghost Love Story 1.6 APK<<<

Otome Game: Ghost Love Story 1.6 screenshots 1Otome Game: Ghost Love Story 1.6 screenshots 2Otome Game: Ghost Love Story 1.6 screenshots 3

>>Download Otome Game: Ghost Love Story 1.6 APK<<<

Easy Download My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game APK

Easy Download My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game APK

Download My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game 1.258 APK

Stress relief can be hard to find when there are so many things to do and you have so little time to spend for yourself. My Oasis is a relaxing game app created for people who need a break from life.

My Oasis contains no content that can stress you out. As an idle clicker and tapping game, there are no intense controls, just easy gameplay and a relaxing environment.

Peaceful sounds and calming music help bring you to a zen state in My Oasis. The island builder lets your Oasis gradually expand while you interact with the surrounding life in a relaxing atmosphere. Relaxation and simple tapper gameplay will calm your mind before you know it.

Find stress relief in My Oasis – download it today.

How My Oasis Works

Island Builder
– The island will expand and create new life such as trees, flowers and animals.
– Your island is your virtual zen garden.
– Build your island and adjust it with musical chords.

Tapping Game

– Tap the screen to upgrade your oasis.
– Clicker game controls let you do everything by tapping the screen.
– Idle game continues even without you needing to do anything – relax and enjoy.

Relaxation App
– Soothing idle gameplay lets stress fade away.
– Relaxing music calms you after a long day.
– Calming visuals to help you find peace of mind.
– Sleep more peacefully after relaxing in your oasis.

Calming Sounds
– Play relaxing melodies to interact with the environment.
– Calming music chords can control the weather and time.
– Soothing music to help you sleep.

Find relaxation and stress relief when you visit My Oasis at the end of the day. Enjoy the idle clicker game that helps you find peace of mind – download today.

* Deleting this app will also delete its data. Make sure to save your data on the cloud server before deleting the app.

* Please write a review. We will read every comment and try to make the app better!

* This application needs access to the following ONLY for managing save data and video ads. No personal information will be gathered using those access.
◆ 1.258 Update Details
* Tapping sound can now be turned on and off.
* Achievements is now under options.
* Other minor issues resolved.

>>>Download My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game 1.258 APK<<<

My Oasis - Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game 1.258 screenshots 1My Oasis - Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game 1.258 screenshots 2My Oasis - Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game 1.258 screenshots 3

>>Download My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game 1.258 APK<<<